McKenzie Boxercise is just what the world has been waiting for! As fitness becomes more and more popular, and we make it a part of our busy daily routine, McKenzie’s gym can offer you a very special kind of training programme – a unique workout based on a series of traditional boxing exercises.
We have been offering this type of training since 1995, when Clinton McKenzie, former Olympic Finalist and British & European Champion, developed a unique way to help people ‘box their way to fitness’ – without hitting anyone, and without getting hit.
At our gym, Clinton and his team will take you through a fun, novel and safe workout suitable for men, women and youngsters of all ages and all capabilities. Within just a few weeks, even complete beginners will start to see and feel results. We can help you lose weight, tone up generally, and improve your stamina and strength. And boxing has other benefits, too, which are particularly relevant to our 21st-century lives:
- Boxing training is therapeutic – it helps you to ‘bust’ stress, relax, and feel good about yourself, raising your confidence and self-esteem.
- It helps you channel aggression in a safe, non-combative environment.
- It is flexible – programmes can be adjusted according to when, where and for how long you are able to train.
- It enables you to maintain an interest in, and motivation for, exercise by providing a fun and novel workout for achieving both short- and longer-term fitness goals.
- It can enhance training for and competition in other sports.
So what does Clinton’s particular type of training involve, and how can it help you? Our website – newly enhanced with video clips showing who we are and what we do – is designed to answer all your questions. Browse through the pages, follow the links, and find out more.
And if you’d like to speak to us to discuss any aspect of our service, please Contact Us at any time.
“Boxing training with Clinton is never boring or static, like so many of my former gym experiences. There’s always something new to learn.”
McKenzie Fitness Gym member
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